I’d like to see them make (Feb, 1947)

I’d like to see them make

Cartoons by SYD LAND

Catsup Tamer. Not too much, not too little, with this catsup regulator, says Bill Hopewell, of Cincinnati.

Back-seat Ejector. The automotive device above is the interesting brain child of David E. Mann, Jr., of Needham, Mass.

Squawking Purse. One that cries out if owner’s grip is released appeals to Mrs. Ethel T. Cearley, of Compton, Calif.

Fireside Lie Detector. It would put an end to tall tales around the house, declares Mrs. R. L. Clark, of San Jose, Calif.

Throat Saver. Eye-and-mouth masks for nonsmoking movie-goers are suggested by William Lohorco, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Shake-up Wake-up. An awakening arm, not an alarm, is proposed by Sergio Horacio Paredes, of Brownsville, Texas.

Everybody has his own pet idea of some gadget he would like to see in general use. What is YOURS? Popular Science Monthly will pay five dollars for every such suggestion that its editors decide to publish.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 13, 20134:12 pm

    So who thinks the woman in the second panel is the same as the one in the third panel?

  2. fluffy says: May 13, 20134:52 pm

    I definitely prefer what reality provided over the “throat saver.”

  3. Zeppflyer says: May 14, 20139:46 am

    I love that the design of the Ketchup bottle hasn’t changed in 60+ years.

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