If Your Views on Sex are OLD FASHIONED Read these Modern Books (Feb, 1937)

If Your Views on Sex are OLD FASHIONED Read these Modern Books

Man’s Sex Life
At last the truth is written. The great mysteries of sexology torn aside. And now you can get the real truth about the sex question.

This is an age of plain thinking and frank speech. No longer can a big, vital problem like the sex question be hidden as a thing to be ashamed of. People are demanding the truth about these things.

And so Bernarr Macfadden has lifted the veil. He has told the truth about mankind’s most vital problem in a frank, straight-from-the-shoulder style that will appeal to every man who reads his remarkable book.

Man’s Sex Life enters the sanctuary of the most secret phases of your inner life. It grips you with suggestions that are personal and confidential. It furnishes definite and practical information on vital subjects, pure in themselves, which are frequently surrounded with vulgar mystery.

The problems of man frequently assume tremendous importance. They thus become a source of worries that ultimately assume a tragical nature. And the need for the answer to the query, “what shall I do?” often grips the victim with terrifying intensity.

In Man’s Sex Life you will find the answers to the many questions that have long perplexed you. For this book solves some of the most vital problems that confront the manhood of today. Whether married or single you will find this book packed solid with information that is needed every day of your life.

Table of Contents
Establishing the Intimate Relations of Marriage
Marital Mistakes and Excesses
Regulating Marital Intimacies
The Truth About Masturbation
The Troublesome Prostate Gland
Impotence and Allied Sexual Weaknesses
Exercises for Building Virility
Foods that Help to Build Virile Stamina
Diseases of Men— Their Home Treatment
The Prevention of Venereal Disease

Woman’s Sex Life
Now the whole unsuppressed truth regarding the much blurred subject of woman’s sex life is available to you. And, thankfully, never again will knowledge pertaining to sexual relations be hidden behind the smirking mask of priggishness. For in Woman’s Sex Life, Bernarr Macfadden ruthlessly tears aside the veil of ignorance and reveals intimate sex facts in the clean, glaring white light of truth.

Practically all the devastating sorrows and heart rending matrimonial mistakes are due to ignorance of the laws of sex behavior. For the really vital problems of marriage revolve around its sex-life. To make a success of marriage—to make a success of life—you must know how to interpret sex in terms of lasting happiness. Now this can be done through the help of the greatest of all books on the subject—Woman’s Sex Life.

For years sex was a closed book. Our only knowledge of the subject was gleaned from hearsay. And at all times there was an evil air of mystery surrounding the subject. Sex was called obscene. It is little wonder that we never knew the facts— that so many of us stumbled blindly into trouble of unfathomable depths.

But now it is possible for women to get all the intimate aspects of their sex lives in Bernarr Mac-fadden’s helpful book on the subject. A glance at the table of contents will give you an idea how thoroughly this book covers the subject of sex and marriage.

Table of Contents
The Girl Who Has Made a Mistake
True Love and Its Expression
The Physical Relationship of Marriage
Regulating the Relation of Husband and Wife
The Unsatisfactory Husband
The Frigid Wife
Menstrual Disorders
Special Diseases of Women
Displacements and Their Correction
Womanly Periodicity
The Menopause, or the Change of Life

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