Indoor Ambulance (Nov, 1950)

Indoor Ambulance
On duty 24 hours a day, a small ambulance can speed down the aisles of a big factory to pick up any worker who becomes sick or is injured. The ambulance, made from a Crosley station wagon, provides quick pickup service inside the Transformer Division plant of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation at Sharon, Pa. The factory is 3/4 mile long.

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  1. […] I mentioned last month in the Firecycle post that I’d seen Crosley fire trucks used for duty inside factories, and have kept an eye out for one of those since. Coincidentally, Modern Mechanix recently posted this scan from the November 1950 issue of Popular Mechanics featuring a Crosley ambulance. Judging from the trim on the grille, that’s a 1948 model. […]

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