Inflated Owl Decoys Crows (Jul, 1940)

Inflated Owl Decoys Crows

Crow hunters have been supplied with an unusual accessory in the form of an eighteen-inch pneumatic decoy owl, which can be carried rolled up in a coat pocket and inflated when needed. Crows are hereditary enemies of owls, and attack them whenever they find them in daylight. Hence, the decoy placed on an upright stick in an open space attracts the crows and brings them within gunshot. The body of the decoy owl is made of heavy, durable canvas which is painted realistically.

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  1. Hirudinea says: January 17, 20139:20 am

    If the owl is inflatable, and the crow attacks the owl, and you shoot the crow as he attacks wouldn’t you puncture the owl? Is this a cleaver sales ploy?

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