Intellivision: Game/teacher (Jun, 1979)


Hook Intellivision to your color TV and its preprogrammed software lets you do everything from play games to learn a language. It has 60-by-92-line graphics in 16 colors. With keyboard, it’s $499. Maker: Mattel Electronics, 5150 Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, Calif. 90250.

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  1. Heracles says: June 12, 20128:30 pm

    The Intellivision was a game console, but Mattel promised to turn it into a real computer “real soon now”. Mattel was eventually fined by the FTC for failing to deliver a promised component that was used as a major selling point. In 1982, it did deliver a reduced version called the Entertainment Computer System, which didin’t sell much. Details:…

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