Introducing Audi. (Mar, 1970)

Did 800 numbers not work in Iowa?

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Introducing Audi.

The revolutionary new car from Germany that moves, stops, turns, etc., differently from every car on the opposite page.

Almost every car in the world moves by means of the rear wheels pushing it.

The Audi moves by means of the front wheels pulling it.

Most cars’ front brakes (whether they be drum or disc) are located on the outside of the axle just inside the wheel hubs.

The Audi’s front brakes (which are disc, by the way) are located towards the middle of the axle.

Most cars turn by means of a series of gears and levers.

The Audi turns by means of gears alone.

Most cars also do other major things the same way.

While the Audi does most of them another way.

What it all adds up to is this: The advanced automotive principles that German engineers used in designing this car make it perform like nothing you’ve ever driven before.

And we’re not talking about subtleties. But differences that will be apparent to you the moment you drive the Audi out of the showroom.

Which is what we’d like to invite you to do right now: drive an Audi out of the showroom and around the block a few times. (You can find out where your nearest Porsche-Audi dealer is by calling 800-553-9550 free. Or, in Iowa, call 319-242-1867 collect.)

It’s quite an experience.


  1. George says: August 22, 20117:26 am

    It was very common for incoming 800 numbers to exclude the state where the number was located. Apparently the people who would tell you the location of an Audi dealer were in Iowa.

  2. TomB says: August 22, 20119:25 am

    I remember in-state, out-of-LATA calls were the most expensive. Did that count for 800 calls too?

  3. dergutie says: August 22, 201111:06 am

    This car was plagued with reliability problems that nearly killed it as a brand in the US. They kept at it despite another disaster, (undeserved) over “unintended acceleration” in a subsequent model, the 5000. They seem to have evolved into a much admired and successful brand.

  4. Charlene says: August 22, 20112:55 pm

    @TomB, it was a Bell Company rule that the same number couldn’t be used for both interstate and intrastate calls.

    Most 800 numbers in those days resolved to Nebraska, home of the SAC and thousands of formerly unused phone lines. Hence the “not available in Nebraska” line at the end of the oldest infomercials.

  5. Charlie says: August 22, 20113:05 pm

    Charlene ยป Wow, excellent info. So all the phone lines were installed for SAC and then freed up for some reason?

  6. Mike says: August 22, 20113:38 pm

    I remember the lack of in state 1-800 numbers as well.

  7. Bianca says: September 20, 20119:22 pm

    LOL yeah the from what I understand the first Audi Dealer was in Iowa in fact I believe it may hav been in Des Moines.

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