Inventions Take Drudgery out of Household Tasks (Apr, 1932)

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Inventions Take Drudgery out of Household Tasks

Using the new orange juicer shown above, only a few twirls of the handle are necessary to remove all liquid from fruit. When the job is done the cup is removed and the juice poured into the glass, ready for drinking. The mechanism may be cleaned with very little effort, and is operated as demonstrated above.

With this new tie rack, any tie may be removed with utmost convenience, leaving others undisturbed. The rack lies fiat against the door and is lifted with handle.

Operated by hand, the malted milk mixer shown above works at a much greater speed than the standard mixers employed at soda fountains. Lumps of ice cream and powdered malted milk are whirled into a tasty drink in 15 seconds. The mechanism is geared 42 to 1, giving a speed of approximately 8000 revolutions per minute.

Wax paper sandwich bags are now used to hold odds and ends of food for safe keeping in electric refrigerators. Small pieces of cheese, fruit, meat, etc., are easily slipped in bags to be kept sanitary and to prevent drying out.

Scientifically brewed coffee is the product of the new “Vaculator” brewer shown above. Heat drives water to top, which holds coffee, and when heat is removed liquid filters down into lower glass again from which it is served. Metallic taste is eliminated by use of glass.

Special composition paper insert, recently introduced, makes possible baking of pies in individual portions within one pan. Used sector is discarded.

Simple cake tester shown here consists of wire with loop handle, and hook for hanging. Wire is inserted into cake and withdrawn. If it comes out clean the cake is done. A schedule of baking time accompanies tester.

A door that opens either left or right is the feature of new refrigerator now on the market. Such an arrangement eliminates the necessity to shift dishes in hands and saves time. Drawing above shows how the hinge works.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 29, 201212:48 pm

    I love that coffee maker, wish I knew where to get one cheap.

  2. Kosher Ham says: February 29, 20122:58 pm

    Eating the orange as opposed to drinking orange juice is a healthier alternative. (More fiber.)

  3. Toronto says: February 29, 20126:46 pm

    I really like that mixer – it looks more practical than those “camping blenders” that are available today. (Besides, they seem to cost $90-100.)

    As to vacuum coffee makers, they’re available. I saw a “buy it now” price of $26 or so recently, though it was stainless, not glass. Glass ones are closer to $100.

  4. Hirudinea says: February 29, 20129:09 pm

    @ Toronto – Well I didn’t see the $26 so I didn’t buy it, and when I can get an automatic coffee maker for around $20, $100 is pretty hard to justify.

  5. Sean says: March 1, 20125:38 am

    Isn’t that more or less a glass coffee percolator setup?

  6. Stephen says: March 1, 20126:48 am

    The coffee machine looks to me very like a Kipp’s apparatus from chemistry:…

  7. Nomen Nescio says: March 1, 20128:58 am

    that is a type of percolator, yes. water boils in the lower chamber, steam rises into coffee grounds in the upper chamber, then condenses and brews there. once all the water’s percolated up, you take it off the heat and the temperature/pressure drop drains the coffee back down, leaving the grounds behind.

    i haven’t seen one recently, but i know they were around in the 60s — 70s timeframe. they’re probably still being made as a niche product by some company or other.

  8. Barry says: March 2, 201212:56 pm
  9. Hirudinea says: March 2, 20125:50 pm

    @ Barry – Thanks Barry!

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