PAINT CAN PRIES on brush handles would obviate hunting for, misusing, faithful screw driver. Peter Day, Thornwood, N. Y.

GETAWAY INSURANCE: 15-inch extensions on front and rear bumpers. Great for city parking. Karl L. Martin, Cleveland, Ohio.

TOILETRY DISPENSERS. Hotel guests could buy toothpaste, shave cream, hair tonic on the spot Dale Hodges, Barrie, Ont

PULL-OUT EXTENSIONS that reel back into outlets automatically; enough cord for each job. G. A. Catone, Pittsburgh, Pa.

SILENT HELPERS: suction cups on ends of steel tape measures, for measuring long objects. D. L. Stelling, Margaret, Manitoba.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: April 22, 20119:02 am

    Those bumper extensions look like something you’d see in an episode of “Mr Bean.”

  2. Mcubstead says: April 23, 20113:09 pm

    I’m surprised nobody made the paint brush/lid opener….or have they???

  3. John says: April 23, 201110:27 pm

    Mcubstead: I don’t know who “they” is supposed to be but these folks did (and got patents for them)
    But they didn’t seem to catch on.

  4. Jayessell says: April 25, 20115:50 am

    I’ve seen retractable extention cords.
    They’re on the ceiling in shop class.

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