Inventions Wanted! (Aug, 1956)

The dog collar and the signal lights on the truck are certainly out there now. Not too sure about the others.

Inventions Wanted!

TELESCOPING HEELS which could be lowered for tired tootsies or to please a short boy friend. R. F. Hom rich, Clawson. Mich.

SIGNAL LIGHTS on back of big trucks which would tell motorist whether or not it’s safe to pass. Fred Warner. North brook. Ill.

RUBBER-BOTTOMED can wouldn’t slide off or mar fastidious owner’s paint job when polishing car. M. Traficanti, Pittsburgh, Pa.

ELECTRONIC SIGNAL from Fido’s collar would automatically open, close door. Great for the master. David Coe, Toronto, Canada.

STEP SAVER. Mail indicator would light up in the house so Mom would know postman had arrived. George Italien, New Castle. Del.

Is there a gadget you think should bo Invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor. MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED, 67 West 44th St., N.Y. 36, N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

  1. Charlene says: November 15, 20119:08 am

    The heels aren’t even possible, given how high-heeled shoes are designed. It would be easier to find a less self-conscious boyfriend.

  2. Hirudinea says: November 15, 20119:42 am

    “STEP SAVER. Mail indicator would light up in the house so Mom would know postman had arrived.” Sounds like the ideal start tp a porno movie.

  3. Kosher Ham says: November 15, 20114:05 pm

    A divided highway would be better than trusting a trucker’s signal that it is safe to pass.

    Re: heels; it would probably have to be the entire shoe that could vary, not just the heel to change the height. No wonder Audrey Hepburn wore flats in most of her movies; she was taller than many actors. Of course Audrey Hepburn looked good in anything.

  4. Sean says: November 15, 201111:04 pm

    I must be channeling the spirit of Mr. Traficanti, because I was thinking the same thing last Sunday every time I gingerly set down the can of polishing wax to avoid scratching the hood or trunk of my car. Better still, I live in Pittsburgh too.

  5. hobbit says: November 16, 20114:42 am

    I’ve seen the collar for sale some place.

  6. Toronto says: November 16, 20118:24 am

    My Dad used to use a sheepskin buffer after waxing, and would use it as a coaster for the polish can before that.

    (Personally, I’ve waxed a car about twice in my life.)

  7. dave says: November 17, 201112:35 pm

    I remember reading something about a pair of high heels what you could change the height of within the last couple of years. This isn’t the article I read, but these are very similar.…

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