Is there a gadget you think should be invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor. MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED, 47 West 44th St., N.Y. 36. N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

HOT TUB is electrically wired to keep porcelain surface comfortably warm, maintain even water temperature for bath. Jack Sobel. New York. N. Y.

SEED TAPE, in roll form, insures even spacing and straight rows for planting. The tape itself dissolves into fertilizer. Roy Scot, Kent, Conn.

MOTORIZED LURE, with tiny propeller on one end. does a tantalizing dance beneath surface, enticing nearby fish. Alan Jenks. San Antonio, Texas.

HAMMER with a built-in compression spring behind striking head has split-type handle to release force in close area. A. King, Sun Valley, Calif.

FOG CONTROL for super highways has a system of lights or heat radiators to penetrate haze or dispel it completely. Ralph Green, Newark. N. J.

  1. PoppyJoe says: March 29, 20127:42 am

    Not quite the same as the fog lights described here, but… As I-64 crosses Afton Mountain west of Charlottesville, VA there are a series of lights along the side of the road that turn on when conditions are bad. They were first installed in the mid1970s and have been updated in recent years.

  2. Mike Brown says: March 29, 20127:44 am

    I’m amazed at how often the inventions MI published in the “inventions wanted” column had been invented years, or decades, before they appeared. Seed tape, for example, was patented at least as early as 1915 (patent 1,160,279). Patent 1,669,773 issued in 1928 for a heated bathtub just as described. Fog control by heaters had been tried succesfully at airfields during WWII – although it’s questionable whether or not the expenditure of energy could have been justified in peacetime along roads. And so on…

  3. Zeppflyer says: March 29, 201211:21 am

    That seed tape sounds like a good idea. It would make laying out the garden significantly quicker.

  4. JW says: March 29, 20122:28 pm

    An electric bathtub. What a spark(l)ing idea!

  5. mcubstead says: March 29, 20123:34 pm

    Zeppflyer , the seed tape is a product you can buy today, just google seed tape.

  6. Toronto says: March 30, 20128:16 am

    JW: But they do more or less exist – lots of folks get electrically powered “spa baths” these days. Not to mention the “smart toilets.”

  7. Mick Canick says: March 30, 20128:22 am

    If the user held the hammer at the end of the handle it would drive a nail faster.

  8. JMyint says: March 30, 20129:51 am

    Heated bathtubs have been around for a while, and Chuck Woolery sells motorized lures on his home page.

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