Inventor Hides Secret of “Death Ray” (Feb, 1940)

Whew! It’s a good thing he took this secret to his grave, otherwise he could have given it to the terrorists and none of our rabbits would be safe!

Inventor Hides Secret of “Death Ray”

Pigeons on the wing instantly killed by death rays from a machine four miles away—that is the feat reputedly accomplished by a deadly apparatus developed by Dr. Antonio Longoria, of Cleveland, Ohio, who recently announced that he had deliberately destroyed the lethal machine for the good of humanity. The Cleveland inventor declared that he had stumbled on the deadly rays while experimenting in the treatment of cancer with high-frequency radiations. The action of the fatal rays, he declared, is painless and they work by changing the blood into a useless substance, much as light transforms silver salts in photographic processes. Before a group of scientists, it is reported, he once demonstrated that the radiations would kill rats, mice, and rabbits, even when the animals were incased in a thick-walled metal chamber. The rays, Dr. Longoria believes, could kill human beings just as easily.

  1. Blurgle says: June 7, 20077:41 am

    Maybe he passed it on to his descendants.

    Imagine if killing sparrows from a distance was Eva Longoria’s special power…

  2. Kryten007 says: June 7, 20079:10 am

    Could there be any truth to these claims? Sounds like a pretty wicked death–similar to the Andromeda Strain. Hmm, “Andromeda beam” has a nice ring to it…

    TIME has an old article about him here:…
    Sounds more a Hurtubise than a Longoria…

  3. jayessell says: June 7, 20074:46 pm

    Thanks Kryten007!

    Recently History Channel (I think) discussed WWII Death Ray research.
    The Japanese were experimenting with microwaves, but without the magnatron couldn’t generate enough power.
    It was implied they tested it on humans. Chinese probably.
    It was also impled that it would require magawatts to be a usable weapon.

    Is it me, or does the device in the photograph look like an ophthalmascope?

  4. Marked says: June 8, 20071:55 pm

    Looking at his patents… I see a patent for a violet wand.

    Maybe the death ray was like a higher powered CyberKnife.

  5. Oliver says: March 30, 20085:41 pm

    It looks well made.. although it reminds me of front kingpins off an old Morris. I don’t know what it is, but i’m not frightened. And nor is my rabbit.

  6. […] Bonnie e Clyde morrem em uma emboscada da polícia, Dr. Langoria (de Cleveland, Ohio) destrói seu Raio da Morte “para o bem da humanidade” e uma serpente aquática de 30 pés é vista nadando nas […]

  7. CD says: July 10, 200911:01 pm

    I if made it then someone has it.

  8. Firebrand38 says: July 11, 20099:34 am

    Just keep telling yourself that.

  9. Simon Gunson says: September 29, 20116:45 pm

    Both The Nazis and Japanese had advanced weapons projects based upon synchrotron X-ray generators which could emit particle beams focused by parabolic beryllium mirrors pointed at aircraft. The Luftwaffe had one in operation at an underground installation beneath Grunau airfield in Breslau and another beneath the airfield at Weisbaden near Frankfurt. An unfortunate side effect of these was that they generated tell tale ball lightning often called Foo Fighters by Allied airmen. Both in Japan and Germany these Synchrotron devices often mislabelled as Cyclotrons had another association with their nuclear weapons projects since the same devices were capable of transmuting Thorium 232 into bomb grade Uranium 233 or in the case of Uranium 238 by the capture of slow neutrons transmute that into Plutonium 239. This is a still extremely sensitive part of WW2 history about which documents are still classified to this day.

  10. Jari says: September 30, 201110:44 am

    Simon Gunson: That would do fantastic Alternative WW2 story.

    Whatever your source is, there are so many things wrong. Beryllium is used as a radiation window (x-rays, particle beams), not for reflecting them. Because it has low atomic number, it’s mostly transparent for them. About particle beam propagation; here’s one paper about it:… google “nordsieck length” for more.

    Somehow I don’t believe, that during electric shortages etc. during WW2 Germans were able to produce particle beams with effective power over 15TW (yes, terawatts) to get range longer than 600 meters.

  11. JMyint says: September 30, 20112:03 pm

    I am an electrical engineer with a great deal of interest in science, science fiction, and World War 2 military history. I made a comment to my wife the other day after a promo on the science channel that every decade the claims about the Nazi’s become wider and wilder. I guess it is to keep the Nazi’s science and technology seeming miraculous next to our own.

    I almost can’t wait to hear the claims in the next decade.

  12. Jari says: September 30, 20114:26 pm

    JMyint: How about this from the net: The Tunguska event was caused by a Nazi A-bomb. They “made” a test similar than alleged Philadelphia experiment and sent a first Horten Amerika-bomber prototype to fly to the remote part of Siberia and drop the first a-bomb over there. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

    Oh, back to the relativistic particle beams: As they propagate through the air, they ionize air molecules in their path and the effect would be somewhat resembling the green laser pointers beam. Except they would be centimeters wide, blueish and much more brighter. I don’t recall any aircrew reporting anything like that during WW2 over the Germany.

    Dang, I know that there’s a good picture of an electron beam shooting from the accelerator to the air, but can’t find it…

  13. Simon Gunson says: October 13, 20116:39 pm

    Jmint… The fact is that the nazis had very cutting edge technology and much of US advances in science was built on the back of WW2 Nazi developments. The Nazis did develop an advanced synchrotron particle accelerator at Bissingen which ALSOS captured and dismantled in late April 1945. There are currently no declassified files available about that device. There were at least four copies built. One at Dresden, another at Rogendorf in Austria. Under a scientist named Boris Rajewsky, a parabolic Beryllium mirror was used to guide a powerful particle beam skywards from one of these in an underground installation beneath Grossenheim air base. Another was installed in France to direct a beam at Allied bombers. An unintended side effect was the creation of Ball lightning which became known as Foo Fighters. If you doubt me Google “Dallenbach” There are declassified documents about forschungsstelle D.

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