Invents Hourmeter to Time Hops (Sep, 1930)

This was the cutting edge in aviation technology until the introduction of the minutemeter in WWII.

Invents Hourmeter to Time Hops

THROUGH an electrical contact attached to the landing gear, the recently invented hourmeter timing device records trip and total flying time the moment the plane leaves the ground. The same contact stops the clock when the landing is made. Spreading and contracting of the landing gear actuates the electrical circuit. Current is supplied by two dry cells, or from the ship’s battery.

Aeronautical experts declare that this instrument will fill in one of the gaps of aviation.

  1. Al says: March 18, 20098:31 am

    Actually, flight hours is a very important measure in maintenance. This sounds like the beginning of the application of systematic measurement to aircraft maintenance. Pretty important indeed, if you don’t want the arse of your airplane to fall off! 🙂


  2. rick says: March 18, 200912:31 pm

    LOVE the Sub-Mo-Plane on the magazine cover!


  3. Richard C says: March 18, 20091:42 pm

    Most small planes these days have a “Hobbs meter” (brand name), but it is usually wired to count the time the engine is running, not the actual time in flight. Taxi time puts wear on the engine, too. The meter looks like a car’s odometer, and is used like an odometer for determining maintenance schedules. It’s also used for charging rental time if the plane is rented out, and pilots often use it to determine hours flown to record in their logbooks.

  4. Skip F says: January 21, 20116:53 am

    This was probably more of a FUEL issue…
    unless they HAD a gas guage.

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