Ionic Breeze ’38 (Jan, 1938)

I’m crushed. I can’t believe the Sharper Image would lie to me like this. For years they’ve been telling us that they are the inventors of the ionic breeze, that it’s space age technology, a miracle of modern science. But it was all a big lie, now I know it was actually invented buy some undetermined person in 1938.

Sharper Image, how can I ever trust you again?

Electrostatic Device Clears Air Of Smoke, Pollen
DESIGNED for home or factory use, a compact electrostatic air cleaner device was recently placed on exhibition at a convention of iron and steel engineers held in Chicago, Ill. The new cleaner is said to remove dust, smoke, and pollen from the air more efficiently than ever before.

In operation the electrostatic cleaner forces the air through an ionizing screen and the solid particles in it, 90% of which would pass through the average filter, are electrically charged. The air is then passed over grounded plates, causing the dust and pollen particles to cling to them.

  1. h.short says: July 16, 200711:12 am

    The inventor of the electro-static air cleaner that eventually morphed into the Ionic Breeze was T. Townsend Brown, and it might very well be his daughter who is shown in the picture, as she worked closely with him on it for a time although I believe that might have been at a later date. It seems the patent used by the Ionic Breeze / Sharper Image people was basically Brown’s invention with a trivial modification. This is the Brown who is better known for his flying electrodynamic discs of post WWII fame and his involvement with UFO reseach. There is quite a story being written about him and his work which is quite a tale about secret government research and disinformation campaigns to keep the research results secret. You can check it out at

  2. Charlie says: July 17, 20079:25 am

    Very cool. Thanks h.

  3. Dillon says: May 9, 20104:37 pm

    Actually Dr. Frederick Cottrell is credited with developing the first functional electrostatic precipitator. He received a patent for his device in 1907. This machine is likely one of the many that were built after the success of Dr. Cottrell’s invention.

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