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Nov, 1934
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Jan, 1935
New Vanity Case Holds Door Key
New Vanity Case Holds Door Key Ladies need no longer grope at length through their handbags in a search for an elusive house key. A new compact holds the key securely in place under a metal mirror until it is ready for use. By sliding a thumb button along a groove in the vanity case, […]
Eye Ailments Cured by Dry Heat
Eye Ailments Cured by Dry Heat EYE inflammations are being successfully treated with dry heat by a new and ingenious apparatus introduced at the annual meeting of the American College of Proctology. The electric controlling unit automatically heats and circulates water through hollow rubber pads held over the eyes by the patient. The temperature of […]
Back Yard Well Produces Gasoline
I’m not so sure how “lucky” these people are. Especially if they have well water… Back Yard Well Produces Gasoline SOME of the more fortunate residents of Long Beach, Calif., are doing a nice business in gasoline which has been pumped from their own back yards. Presumably because of seepage from the Signal Hill wells, […]
Organ Creates Photocell Music
Organ Creates Photocell Music BUILT from a dishwasher motor, an old keyboard and other gadgets, a homemade organ creates photoelectric music. A film sound track of tones is re-photographed on one of two revolving disks. Beams of light shine through these disks and reach a photocell. The light is then turned into sound, reproducing original […]
In this exclusive interview Henry Ford predicts that the farm will be the scene of industrial development. He points the way to success for today's inventors and looks upon chemistry as the link between a more prosperous agriculture and industry. by GLENN F. JENKINS HENRY FORD, the industrial genius of modern times, sees industry entering a vast, wide-open era of experiment, invention and discovery. He believes that in the next twenty-five years man will achieve results overshadowing the dreams of today. This new trend has already begun under the stimulation of Henry Ford's inventive mind. He is convinced that the farm will be the scene of great industrial development and that chemistry will be the agency by which these changes will be evolved.
Police Dog Rides Aquaplane Behind Speeding Power Boat
ONE of the sensations of a recent water circus held at Atlantic City, N. J., was the performance of Rex, Belgian police dog, who gave a demonstration of plain and fancy aquaplaning behind a speeding-power boat.
I wish I could gain flesh
NEW EASY WAY ADDS 5 to 15 LBS.—QUICK! DOCTORS for years have prescribed yeast to build up health. But now with this new discovery you can get far greater tonic results than with ordinary yeast—regain health, and also put on pounds of firm flesh— and in a far shorter time. Not only are thousands quickly gaining solid, good-looking pounds, but also clear skin, freedom from indigestion and constipation, new abounding pep.
The "NOSE-TEST" will tell you the plain truth about ANTI-FREEZE
From the standpoint of evaporation there are two kinds of anti-freeze—the kind that boils away and the kind that does not boil away. There is no middle ground. Some boil-away antifreezes, however, have been "treated" to "decrease evaporation," and many car owners may get the impression that such products are all-Winter, one-shot, non-evaporating anti-freeze. Such an impression would be wrong. For such anti-freezes boil off rapidly when the engine is operating at high speed. An easy way to make sure that you get an all-Winter, one-shot product is by the lack of odor. Eveready Prestone is absolutely odorless—all boil-away anti-freezes, on the other hand, have a noticeable odor.
Very Early Drive-In Theater
According to wikipedia this was the 3rd drive-in to open in the U.S. California Autoists View Movies in New Open Air Theatre LOS ANGELES motorists, movie bound, may now sit in their cars and enjoy the latest sound pictures in a giant open air theatre recently completed. The frame which holds the 40 by 50 […]