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Nov, 1963
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Apr, 1964
Heliport tops World's Fair restaurant
Heliport tops World’s Fair restaurant Helicopters for visitors to the New York World’s Fair will land on and take oft from a foot heliport atop a two-level 1,000-seat restaurant and 400-seat cocktail lounge. The building, which covers the Port of New York Authority’s fair exhibit, is supported by columns at the four sides, two of […]
PICKS UP ANY TELEPHONE CONVERSATION! NO CONNECTION TO TELEPHONE NECESSARY! Simply place Super-Sensitive LISTEN-IN-COIL in vicinity of telephone Picks up voices on both sides of telephone conversation Easily conceited. Wonderful fun Hundreds of practical uses
Recorder stores TV stills
I’m a big fan of any media you have to peel. Recorder stores TV stills This German recorder makes stills of moving TV images. Video pulses are fed through a recording head to a magnetic-foil disk (background above) spun at 3,000 r.p.m. Scanning speed is 2,000 inches a second. A pushbutton starts the cycle for […]
STARTLING SECRETS TEACH YOU DISGUISED HYPNOSIS CAUSE TRANCE WITHOUT SUBJECTS KNOWING! Revealing manuscript tells jealously guarded secret techniques used to cause the “Indirect Trance”. Read how sub jects are hypnotized without their knowledge. Learn amazing shortcuts that make hypnosis fast and easy. Discover the safe *”fake nerve pressure” technique… the “falling back” test and many […]
Automated Caveman Gets a Rear-End Drive
Despite his wide-open situation, the caveman on the preceding page is feeling no pain. With fellow tribesmen, he will soon be settling down for a stay in the Ford Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. Members of the "clan grin, groan, and grunt, view a giant bear with alarm, point, push, and haul a dead mammoth, draw wall pictures, and create fire. One of them invents the wheel.