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Apr, 1964
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Jul, 1964
Early VCR
The race to market a home TV tape recorder is getting hotter. Fairchild's entry offers a much-improved picture ONE of these days, you'll sit down after supper, flip the dials on your home TV tape recorder, and watch a rerun of that afternoon's base-ball game. Recently I spent an afternoon trying out a prototype model of such a machine made by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Co. I recorded programs off the air —both pictures and sound—while I was watching the program. Immediately after the show, I played back the recording while the images of the original telecast were still fresh in my mind. Although there was some loss of definition, the image quality was good—as good as most people see on their home TV sets. I watched the playback of an entire Danny Kaye show recorded a few days earlier— without being conscious that I was watching a recording.
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