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Feb, 1934
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Apr, 1934
Agitators, Engineers Are Chessmen
Agitators, Engineers Are Chessmen MODERN as tomorrow morning’s headlines, a newly simplified form of the game of chess has for its game board the Modern World, and for its pieces Farmers, Mechanics, Engineers and even Agitators struggling against forces symbolized by opposing Armies, Bankers, Radio, Press, Law and Middlemen trying to become Rankers. The play, […]
Broadcasting stations without a country seek new ways to flood the United States with radio advertising barred by federal commission. Two hundred outlaws face war by the government. by MURPHY McHENRY RADIO circles on the Pacific Coast were turned topsy turvy not long ago by the; continued presence of a radio pirate ship which had taken unto itself a very popular spot on the dial and started broadcasting without regard for the land stations with which it interfered. The primary purpose of the unlicensed broadcast station was to advertise the gambling, liquor, and other dubious pleasure activities of the ship upon which it was built—all these activities beyond the 12-mile limit, of course. Thousands responded to the advertising and the owners waxed rich. They found other sundry rackets, such as a fortune telling program, which brought in additional money and finally assumed such an extensive program that one Los Angeles station was threatened with; a complete loss of audience and business because the ship's radio signal was the more powerful of the two.
English Ladies Smoke Tiny Pipes
English Ladies Smoke Tiny Pipes FEMININE smokers of London, England, are adopting a dainty little pipe now on the market. Cigarette tobacco is crumpled in the tiny bowl and lit in the approved masculine fashion. A long slender stem gives a cool smoke without staining the fingers. The pipes are scarcely heavier than the average […]
Filling in the Hudson to Rebuild New York
by ALFRED ALBELLI PLUG up the Hudson river at both ends of Manhattan . . . divert that body of water into the Harlem river so that it might flow out into the East river and down to the Atlantic ocean . . . pump out the water from the area of the Hudson which has been dammed off ... fill in that space . . . ultimately connecting the Island of Manhattan with the mainland of New Jersey . . . and you have the world's eighth wonder—the reconstruction of Manhattan! That is the essence of the plan proposed by Norman Sper, noted publicist and engineering scholar. It is calculated to solve New York City's traffic and housing problems, which are threatening to devour the city's civilization like a Frankenstein monster.
Horned Owl Clings to Radiator Cap for Eighty Mile Drive
Horned Owl Clings to Radiator Cap for Eighty Mile Drive ALIVE owl of the horned species flew up to the car of George Carpenter of Minneapolis while he was driving near St. Cloud, Minnesota, and refused to be shooed away. The tenacious bird clung to the radiator cap for the entire 80 mile trip back […]
Anti-pest Doorbell Discourages Agents and Bill Collectors
Anti-pest Doorbell Discourages Agents and Bill Collectors A RECENTLY invented doorbell of the coin-in-the-slot type is finding great favor with housewives who are continually pestered by salesmen and bill collectors. A dime must be inserted in the slot of this unit before the push button can be made to operate the bell. If the visitor […]
Motorcycles Crash Without Danger
I just love this picture. She looks like she’s about to run someone down. Motorcycles Crash Without Danger MOTORCYCLES designed for use by novices in amusement parks or at fairs or carnivals are mounted in rubber cushioned frames that absorb the shock when riders crash into each other. The rubber-protected frame is mounted on casters […]