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Sep, 1946
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Nov, 1946
Plastic Raincoat for Hats
A civilian adaptation of the waterproof hat covers worn by service men during the war is now available. Called Rainat, the cover is made of transparent vinyl plastic film, and is provided in three sizes.
Push-button Parking
PRESS a button and park your car! The Park-O-Mat automatically places an auto in any desired stall of a garage. With it, more cars can be parked in less space in less time by fewer attendants. At the garage entrance arms grip the front and rear bumpers and slide the car to an elevator.
Ford's out Front WITH EVERYBODY!
"King-sized brakes" "The liveliest performer in the low-priced field " "Extra large trunk... that's no joke, son!"
I'd like to see them make
Everybody has hit own pot idea of some gadget he would like to see in general use. What is YOURS? Popular Science Monthly will pay five dollars for every such suggestion that its editors decide to publish. Cartoons by SYD LANDI Dashboard That Tells All. Gauges to show the motorist exactly how much air is in the tires, how much oil and water in the engine. Suggested by L. R. Ruegg, Lake Mills, Wis.
HOW MUCH IS ∛258916?
The Army's ENIAC can give you the answer in a fraction off a second! Think that's a stumper? You should see some of the ENIAC's problems! Brain twisters that if put to paper would run off this page and feet beyond... addition, subtraction, multiplication, division — square root, cube root, any root. Solved by an incredibly complex system of circuits operating 18,000 electronic tubes and tipping the scales at 30 tons!
How a Sign is Painted
A water-color drawing, scaled one inch to the foot, is squared off by the pictorial painter for his own guidance in putting such outsize art work on a board with raw paint. This is shown below, overlaid on an outline sketch of picture and lettering that is keyed to serve as a color chart.
Teleran - "radio eyes" for blind flying!
Teleran – “radio eyes” for blind flying! Teleran (a contraction of TELE-vision — Radar Air Navigation) collects all of the necessary information on the ground by radar, and then instantly transmits a television picture of the assembled data to the pilot aloft in the airplane. On his receiver the pilot sees a picture showing the […]
Aluminum Car Weighs Only 800 lb.
WITH a total weight of only 800 lb., this new European light car boasts a cast aluminum body, top speed of 60 m.p.h., and high fuel economy—65 miles per gal. The French "Gregoire," named after its designer, Jean Gregoire, has a convertible top, front-wheel drive, and is powered by an air-cooled, horizontal opposed two-cylinder engine.
Lightning in Your Hand
EXPERIMENTAL MODEL OF A VAN DE GRAAFF ELECTROSTATIC GENERATOR CAN DELIVER OVER 100,000 HARMLESS VOLTS By Loren W. Gay NUCLEAR physics, the unpredictable baby of the sciences, is about 50 years old. For the first two thirds of its short life it crawled patiently along on all fours. Then, without bothering to walk, it started to run. Just where it's running to, no one knows, but it has already revolutionized man's conception of his universe without even stopping for breath.