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Sep, 1953
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Mar, 1954
Clothes Make the Man...
WOOD-PULP COOK Men at a western wood-pulp mill who work around sulfuric acid protect every square inch of skin with the new acidproof suit at left. Hood, coat, boots and gloves have pink markings—the same color used to identify acid pipes—to keep the suit from being used in any other area of the Weyerhaeuser Timber plant, Everett, Wash.
Black Widow Spins Web to Help Build Weapons for U.S. Army
Black Widow Spins Web to Help Build Weapons for U.S. Army The black-widow spicier above is a defense worker. Its web filaments are used by Northrop as cross hairs in microscopes and telescopes for Army tank sights. Tougher than steel, they are so fine that 5,000 of them laid side by side take up only […]
Dummy Tire Gives Custom Look
Car owners who like the stylish look of the old Lincoln Continental can have it at practically no cost. I used a discarded 6.70-by-15 tire that had worn smooth, a stick of wood, a chrome wheel-rim insert for a 6.00-by-16 tire and two 4" bolts.
Man-Made Lightning Bolt Harnessed to a Job—Cracking Walnuts
Nut packers have found that a 65,000-volt, 5,000-ampere jolt of electricity will take the shell off a walnut clean as a whistle. The kernels are undamaged, and production per worker is more than doubled. The nuts are fed from 10,000-pound storage bins onto threaded rolls that carry them into a metal-shielded concrete building. This houses 18 cracking units (above left) in two banks of nine each.
New Lung Lets Patient Sit Up
New Lung Lets Patient Sit Up A polio victim needn’t lie on his back in this new respirator, being tested at the Harvard School of Public Health. It was designed to give a patient a more normal view of the world than he gets when confined to other “iron lungs.” He sits on a comfortable […]
Early Rollerblades
Two-Wheel Skates Cut Noise Centered wheels give these new roller skates the feel and maneuverability of ice skates. The artificial-rubber wheels, rounded instead of flat, are said to be less noisy, speedier, better for pivots and sudden stops. The two-wheelers are made by the Rocket Skate Co., Burbank, Calif.