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Nov, 1961
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Look who's talking!
Sony/Superscope tape recorders A tape recorder is your child's first word. The very first. With all the hesitation, all the warmth, all the charm and all the sense of accomplishment captured exactly as it happened. Forever. It is a bedside fairy tale to lull a growing mind to sleep at the end of a busy day. Or capture the fun and games of a seven-year-old's birthday party.
This free booklet will tell you how you can become a Computer Programmer
...and how you can train at home for big earnings in the world's newest, most exciting profession. 50,000 more programmers needed now! 500,000 more will be needed in a few years! If you're dissatisfied with your present job, why don't you become a programmer? So great is the demand for programmers, you'll have your choice of openings, with a growing future ahead. For the vast majority of good positions, a high school education, a logical mind and the right preparation are all that are required. LaSalle, world leader in home education, will train you as a programmer in your spare time.
Basic transportation for the man who hates gingerbread.
Millions of Americans are sick of gingerbread. Of paying hundreds of dollars for chrome that's out of date before it's paid for. These people want basic transportation. And nothing more. But they are very, very particular about how they define basic transportation. So are we.