It seems impossible today… but it will be so tomorrow! (Dec, 1942)

It seems impossible today… but it will be so tomorrow!

Our entire resources are at the command of our National Government… we are doing our utmost to fulfill the demands of our various military services by supplying precision- built radio communications equipment.

Are Helping to Win the War

HARVEY-WELLS Communications inc

For Specialized Radio Communications Equipment

  1. Casandro says: September 14, 20119:25 am

    Well radio equipment is all nice and fine, but how are they going to solve the problem of delivering a sustainable energy source for everyone to have a motorized vehicle?

  2. Toronto says: September 14, 201111:37 am

    By befriending and propping up various shahs, emirs, princes, and thugs who happen to have oil?

  3. Jari says: September 14, 201112:14 pm

    That child must be an offspring of Kryten from the Red Dwarf….

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: September 14, 20112:48 pm

    Such a happy family – never mind the wife’s black eyes; I’m sure she just ran into a door or fell down the stairs… (seriously – why was she drawn like that? Is it supposed to be makeup? If so, she needs some lessons in how to apply it, or select the right color, or something…)

  5. Rick s. says: September 15, 20116:38 am

    That’s pretty tight cockpit the guy is sitting in. His legs must be splayed out into the wings.


  6. revpj says: September 17, 201110:30 am

    His legs have atrophied since he uses his personal conveyances for everything.…

  7. Mike says: September 18, 201110:26 am

    That is the problem with the above posts…. “It seems impossible TODAY” You wait, legless cockpits and black eyed wives will be all the rage.

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