IT’S NEW! (Feb, 1959)

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ENGLISHMAN’S DOME is a glass castle; architect Hugh Pope and wife relax under glass. Modest Crystal Palace went up in two weeks for cost of $1,400.

CITROEN station wagon, one of the French firm’s new line of utility autos, holds lots of cargo for a smallish vehicle. The rear seats face inwards, fold into floor very cleverly. Below: true French chic.

GERMAN UMIAK, really a planked boat with a cosy canvas cover and ten snug hatches for the paddlers, carries happy Hamburgers up the Elbe.

BRITISH CABIN CRUISER, built for export to the world’s $14,000-up boat markets, has twin Diesels, 24-hour range, has passed tough sea trials.

MICKEY MOUSE HELMET worn by deckman aboard supercarrier USS Ranger contains radio on which he receives orders from ship’s tower.

LIE-DOWN BIKE, a Swedish invention, is supposedly great for lazy cyclists. David Hallin, bike’s inventor, demonstrates. Note luggage rack.

ROLLING OFFICE for big shots has typewriter in dashboard. Girl Friday sits up front in Simca Presidence. designed to fit the needs of execs.

  1. Toronto says: December 24, 20115:09 pm

    Hiro: Oh, come on! The DS wagon is a gorgeous car.

    Is it too late to revise my Christmas list?

  2. Hirudinea says: December 24, 20115:59 pm

    Do a google image search for “Ugly Critroen” and you’ll see what I’m saying, the 2CV, the Ami, the Citroen BX and of course the Citroen DS, all uglier than sin, car designers in France are either blind or blind drunk, nasty, nasty looking cars!

  3. Michael, N5RLR says: December 24, 20116:03 pm

    Not a bad-looking little Citroen wagon; it’d be nice to see that rear-seat arrangement today. 🙂

    Probably can’t touch a cabin cruiser like that for $14K today.

    The granddaddy of the recumbent bike? 😀

    And…I wonder how Girl Friday’s typing is over rough roads. 😛

  4. Stephen Edwards says: December 25, 20119:01 am

    Isn’t “ugly Citroen” redundant?

  5. DrewE says: December 27, 201110:06 am

    It seems the umiak would have a distinct tendency to travel in circles (and list to one side). How hard would it have been to put an equal number of paddlers on port and starboard?

    “Umiak” also sounds as though it should be an early computer design.

    @Michael — The rear seats in a Ford Ranger pickup are similar…although they’re being far enough apart to have a tiny bit of leg room. I’d guess that safety standards make it a bit harder to have sideways seats these days (as typical seat belts aren’t ideal for lateral restraint), but I may be all wrong there.

  6. Toronto says: December 27, 201111:35 am

    Michael – nope – recumbent bikes have been around much longer. However, the rather impractical “superman” layout of this one only surfaced now and then. Notice the dig at the “luggage rack” – a backpack?

    Modern ‘bents are often used on long distance tours. The guy in the following link went around Australia on one, averaging 304 km/day (roughly 190 miles.)


  7. Orv says: December 30, 201111:46 am

    I think the DS sedan is gorgeous, but the wagon leaves me a bit cold. Very practical, though.

  8. M.S.W. says: January 20, 20122:19 pm

    The “lie-down bike” reminds me of the riders in the orginal TRON lightcycles.

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