IT’S NEW! (Oct, 1955)

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FAMILY BIKE. Mrs. Donald Goodrum, young Miami matron, and the bike she remodeled for trips around town with her children.

SILENT SURVIVOR of atomic blast face paint blistered* tie scorched but otherwise OK, was 7,000 feet from center of explosion.

EXPRESS ELEVATOR for people caught in tall firetraps was recently shown in Karlsruhe, Germany. It rises 160 feet in 60 seconds.

BEAM CONTROL developed by Zenith allows you to turn set on, oft change stations, kill commercials without leaving your chair.

OXYGEN VENDOR at Las Vegas Airport-just the thing before boarding plane with empty pockets* heavy heart enormous head.

RADAR CONTROLS that let emergency vehicles control traffic lights fascinate radar-equipped young man of Maywood. Ill ALUMINUM YARN for tire fabric will disperse heat prevent many blowouts. I. L. Reynolds inspects Reynolds Metals yarn.

DOUBLE DELTA JET wings have greater length than span. Swedish air force plane’s center of gravity shifts hydraulically.

HOT COBALT, placed in five-ton shield under water, starts trip from Brookhaven National Lab to Goodrich Research Center.

TV COLOR CONVERTER, so its makers claim, will change your black-and-white TV to full color. Unit costs $150, detaches easily.

SNEEZE CATCHER: one “kerchoo” could blow a lot of money out the window; that stuff’s petunia seed, worth $75 an ounce.

FLYING STRETCHER motorcycle, in which rider lies on his back, was recently clocked at 134.4 mph. Owner-driver is German racer G. A. Baum.

MAGIC LAMP with new GE electronic switch inside goes on and off at a touch. Model obligingly holds sample switch in free hand.

COMBO WALL GADGET sharpens pencils, knives, seals crown caps, opens cans, beer cans, pulls corks, opens all kinds of bottles.

HOMEMADE BETATRON and its 17-year-old builder, Robert Shantz. Cleveland youth started his advanced atom prober in 1951.

POWER WHEELCHAIR has mouth control stick, room for portable respirator, was designed for paralytics by Chicago inventor.

CLOCKWORK WARBLER shown at industrial lair in Hamburg, Germany, is the latest in alarm clocks, wakens with a gentle song.

FISH-O-MATIC, an underwater booby trap, jerks hook and snags fish at merest nudge. Inventor Bill Hoffman is looking for mfr.

BLOW-UP TENT substitutes columns of compressed air for tent poles and guy ropes. It’s big enough for four, folds up small BIGGEST GLOBE on earth, recently installed at Babson Institute, Wellesley, Mass., can be changed to keep abreast of world events.

  1. StanFlouride says: December 5, 20083:37 am

    Okay, definitely my favorite MM post of all time (and Charlie can attest that I’ve been here since almost the beginning).

    1) Love the bicycle- three year olds are an often over-looked form of crumple zone.
    2) Hey Santa- I WANT A NUKE-PROOF TIE!
    3) I can’t imagine a 16 story exterior fire escape- does it move to other floors and windows?
    4) Ah, the first device to block commercials
    5) The first Oxygen Bar!
    6) Aluminum belted radials? Um, no.
    7) GM is about to dump the company that built that jet.
    8) They are planning to take that cobalt from Long Island to Ohio, I wonder how radioactive it was. and how they are going to transport it.
    9) I want a big black disc in my living room too!
    10) Petunia seed @ $75/oz. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
    11) G.A. Baum went on to become a recognized materials expert
    12) I have one of those touch lamps, it’s only a couple of years old
    13) I WANT A COMBO WALL GADGET THAT sharpens pencils, knives, seals crown caps, opens cans, beer cans, pulls corks, opens all kinds of bottles SO-O-O-O BAD!
    14) A HOME-MADE cyclotron!…
    15) Maybe the first motorized wheelchair?
    16) I have bird sounds on my alarm clock but they’re digital
    17) I wonder what Bill Hoffman ended up doing since that neat little trap doesn’t seem to made him a household name.
    18) Inflatable tents: http://www.airzonetents…
    19) Here’s the Babson Globe in the 1960s:…
    And here it is in 1994 after a major ‘restoration’ (I think it is a huge improvement)…

    I hope you all enjoyed that, I sure did.

  2. Don says: December 5, 20089:04 am

    “…radar-equipped young man…”? It looks like he’s wearing a fishbowl!

  3. StanFlouride says: December 5, 20089:51 am

    Aw shucks, I missed fishbowl boy!
    While they do make lights with remote controls for ambulances, police, and fire, that ain’t one of them.

  4. Don says: December 5, 200812:45 pm

    I hadn’t seen your comment when I posted mine! How did I know?? (Cue woo-woo music . . . .)

  5. jayessell says: December 5, 20082:14 pm

    Is the kid wearing the helmet backwards?

    I can’t tell if the space helmet has antennas on top or if that’s
    a pole in the distance.

    Is that the type of helmet Ed Norton wore to watch ‘Captain Video’?
    (The Honeymooners, TV or Not TV, 10/01/1955, Season 4, Episode 80.)

  6. John M. Hanna says: December 5, 200811:08 pm

    That bicycle wins the “Brittney Spears Irresponsible Parenting Award”.

  7. Toronto says: December 6, 200812:12 am

    Yeah, put those kids in an SUV and let ’em help kill the planet instead. Sheesh.

    Anyway, I want that NSU motorcycle. And the Draken would be nice too. Mach 2 and STOL, with rough-road take offs and landings rolled into the design. If only it had more trunk space. :0)

  8. Randy says: December 6, 20087:27 pm

    Actually, the SAAB is the 210A, the first 70% proof-of-concept prototype that eventually led to the Draken. You can tell it’s the A and not the later B because the air intakes are way up by the nose…

  9. StanFlouride says: December 6, 200811:51 pm

    One of the reasons I love this blog is that there are so many random people with all kinds of arcane and unusual knowledge, i.e., someone who can tell the difference between two variants of a Swedish fighter plane.

    (that and remarkably few trolls)


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