IT’S NEW (Nov, 1959)

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ORBITING at fixed 22,000-mile altitude, four manned space stations like this one may ultimately link all of the world’s major cities with live television and microwave radio communications, according to RCA engineers.

DARKNESS is no obstacle with army’s new infrared binoculars. They enable men to work, drive oyer roughest terrain in total darkness.

ROLLOUT TV has wooden top from which tea-lovers can be served. Lightweight car rides on rubber wheels.

RESUSCITATOR, three inches long with thimble for mask, is world’s smallest It can even revive parakeet but is designed for newborn babes.

PILLOW water-walkers consist of four inflated rubber tubes connected by boards which hold feet. German-made.

“HUCKLEBERRY” river boat was built in a year by Robert Peterson and sons, Charles and Clifford of Chicago. They cruised Illinois River.

MODEL of Ford future tractor has TV, weather forecaster, phone, refrigerator, food warmer and a coffee maker.

BOAT-CAMPER-TRAILER. Thirteen-foot fiber glass boat folds up to 77-inch trailer, is put in water by removing wheels, unfolding hull sections. Aluminum rods hold sections apart to sleep two in 200-pound rig. Aqua Trailers, Inc., Spokane, Wash. Price: $695.

MITY-LITE flashlight (arrow) floats and can be used underwater. Plastic case is corrosion, damage resistant. Light can be hand-carried, worn at neck, etc., by cord.

INFLATABLE MARKER for helicopter landing sites is being tested by U.S. Marines. It can also be used as emergency marker for mountaineers, rangers or sailors at sea.

JABBO the robot can walk, lift his arms, turn his head, give a canned speech and make his eyes light up. He won first prize for his master, Robin Chandler of Salisbury’ N. C, at the South Piedmont Science Fair. Jabbo was created from spare parts in 160 hours.

RAIL BIKES used by North Rhodesian patrols are braced with steel tubing to keep bikes upright, steering rigid. Extended arm with flange rollers grips the opposite rail. Pedal, men!

ADJUST-A-BED plugs into clock-radio and awakens sleeper by raising him to sitting position when timer turns on radio. Simmons bed adjusts to variety of positions.

  1. Al says: January 23, 20098:42 am

    Re: Resucitator: That parakeet looks VERY annoyed… I would not want to have my fingers anywhere near him when he gets his beak free. 🙂

    You want adventure and thrills – try and give a parakeet medicine… 🙂 Been there, done that, got bitten for my troubles.


  2. sporkinum says: January 23, 200912:20 pm

    He’s not pining, he’s passed on.

  3. Jared says: January 23, 20091:16 pm

    I was surprised to find that rail bikes are actually still in use today…who would have thought…


  4. jayessell says: January 23, 20091:45 pm

    Why 4 geosynchronous satelites?
    The Clarke articles I read said 3.
    (I guess you should have a spare.)

  5. Toronto says: January 23, 20096:04 pm

    I hear the train a’comin’
    It’s comin’ ’round the bend.
    But my bike’s stuck on the rails
    So I guess this is the end.

  6. sean says: January 23, 20096:26 pm

    The factory I work at still has a rail spur that is rarely used. I’ve been thinking about trying to build a road convertible version of one of those bikes to get to work in the morning. I could ride the 5 miles in without going up and down the miserable Appalachian hills.

  7. jayessell says: January 23, 20097:19 pm

    Through a tunnel?

  8. Eliyahu says: January 24, 20098:50 pm

    While Jabbo the Robot may be useful, I think his usefulness might be limited by the length of the extension cord it needs to go mail that letter, especially if it has to cross a street in the process…

  9. Emperor MAR says: January 28, 20094:53 pm

    One word describes the Ford Future Tractor, “American!”

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