IT’S NEW! (Apr, 1957)

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AUSTIN PRINCESS MARK IV features first automatic transmission in a British production car plus power steering, vacuum-servo braking, hand-built coachwork.

LIGHT AUTOMATIC RIFLE built by Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp. gets trial by Richard Boutelle, Fairchild prexy. At 6.85 lbs. it’s three lbs. lighter than the Garand.

SLEEK SIDECAR shown at a recent bike and motorcycle show at Earl’s Court, London, sells for about $180. Maker has christened it Bambini.

MACHINE LATHE, the world’s smallest, took Canadian machinist Manzer MacFarlane three years to build, has 2,000 home-made parts.

POWERFUL TWO-WAY radio, Avcom Mark I, has 30-mile range, runs on rechargeable wet cell or hand crank, weighs 8 lbs. That’s Mi’s Assistant Editor Bob Beason talking.

THIS WON’T HURT because patient is a rubber practice head in West Berlin’s Free University dental clinic. Device typifies German school’s ultra-modern equipment.

SAFETY CUSHION to fit on seat backs in passenger planes would soak up jolt of belly landing. Inflates by cockpit control. Child (or pet) would be protected, too.

CONTROL BOX for driver-less Australian tractor uses simple button controls labelled Left, Right, Slow, Up, Down, rests on spiked rod.

ROBOT TRACTOR, shown during demonstration, foretells automation in rural activities of many kinds, including forest fire fighting.

KEEP IT CLEAN urges New York’s talking litter can, containing amplifier as well as litter. Gimmick is part of drive to tidy up the streets. $25 fines are also used.

MASKED MAILMAN goes London rounds in new type of anti-smog mask. Without fitting closely over mouth or nose, mask is designed to keep out pollution in city air.

BIG PUSH is needed to keep this 1895 Astter going in Paris slow race in which drivers try to be last to the top of Montmartre. Fringed-top blackboard boasts 3 hp.

  1. Adam C. says: February 18, 200910:17 pm

    Yeah, the M16/AR15 is over 50 years old. Eugene Stoner’s legacy lives on…

  2. Neil Russell says: February 18, 200910:28 pm

    My little boy got a toy gun for his birthday a few years back and the package declared loudly that it was an M-16.
    I think I bored anyone within earshot that it was really an AR-10 that chambered .308 rounds. Just look at the charging handle up there inside the carrying handle and….

    damn, that is boring.
    Always wanted to shoot one of them though!

  3. Mike says: February 19, 20099:47 am

    I see the one guy controlling the tractor by remote control will replace the one guy operating it normally.

  4. Charlene says: February 19, 200910:20 am

    Manzer MacFarlane died only a few years after this photo was taken.

    His wife died three weeks ago, at the age of 103.

  5. Toronto says: February 19, 20092:32 pm

    Charlene – do you know where McFarlane lived?

    Mike: I’ve been in fields in Canada where it was too hot to be on a tractor. I could see the Aussies wanting to be in the shade of a gum tree instead of out under the sun on their Holden.

  6. jayessell says: February 19, 20095:55 pm

    Did Mr. MacFarlane use the mini lathe to mill parts for an even smaller lathe?

    (That’s how I thought nano-technology would work when I was a child,
    but I couldn’t figure out how electric motors could be scaled down.)

  7. sam says: February 19, 20096:37 pm

    I don’t think they put enough thought into that mailman’s mask.

  8. Mike says: February 19, 20097:41 pm

    Toronto, what are you… from Richmond Hill? Working the fields is what makes farmers tough and strong!

  9. Red says: February 21, 20093:02 pm

    As some who has had to carry that blasted rifle, I can tell you that it realy needs to go back to the drawing board,it has waaaay too many problems! And I am not talking redesign the out side like they have done, but the inside!…worse piece of crap ever in combat!

  10. Toronto says: February 21, 200910:45 pm

    Red: At least it was lighter than an FAL (I carried the “FNC1” version, and never in combat.) With the bayonet and sling, it was over 10.5 pounds, unloaded.

    Mike: No, I’m not from North Of Steeles. I’m originally from WAY NoS (Baie James area) but most of my farming experience was in Nova Scotia, where it gets hot enough when doing field work.

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