Jerrold’s New Universal TV Remote Control (Dec, 1974)

This isn’t so much a remote control as it is a TV tuner. It even looks a bit like the first cable box we had when I was a kid (also made by Jerrold).

Jerrold’s New Universal TV Remote Control

The Hottest New Product Since The Calculator…

* Makes every set on your floor a remote control model.

* Universal— Attaches to any set in minutes.

* Changes channel instantly and fine tunes.

* Turns set on/off.

* Silent push-button varactor—diode tuning— 12 channels.

* Amplifies signal and eliminates direct pick up ghosts.

* For homes, apartments, bars, hotels/motels, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Packaged in a sturdy, colorful, self-selling carton.


HEADQUARTERS & EASTERN OFFICE 200 Witmer Rd., Horsham, Penna. 19044, (215) 674-4800.
SOUTHERN OFFICE 1 Perimeter Place, Suite 101, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, (404) 432-3102.
WESTERN OFFICE 1255 Veterans Blvd , Redwood City, Calif. 94063, (415) 365-5050.
MIDWESTERN OFFICE 1334 Atlantic Street, North Kansas City, Mo. 64116, (816) 842-1555.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 28, 20115:18 pm

    I remember having one of these (or one that looked just like it) when I was a kid, only ours had 24 channels (you changed the selections with a switch on the left side) kids don’t know how good they had it today!

  2. tom says: December 29, 20119:45 am

    My first “remote” had a cord; after tripping over it several times I decided it was less effort to just get up and change the damn channel.

  3. Toronto says: December 29, 201110:22 am

    I had one of the 24 channel versions, but it didn’t turn the set on or off, nor did it adjust the volume. It was still handier than twiddling the dials, especially for UHF.

  4. Hip2b2 says: December 29, 20113:38 pm

    In the mid 50’s my parents had, if memory serves me right, a Zenith portable TV with a small 2 button channel changer which both switched channels (2 -13, with only a few of them receiving); and turned it on and off. The operating principal was ultra-sonic sound with hammers sticking a metal chime.

    Many were the night that my father came home dropping loose change from his pockets into a glass container. The right combination of change and the TV would turn on/off/change channels.

    Good times

  5. Mcubstead says: December 29, 20114:05 pm

    A remote big enough I can’t misplace it! and the cartoon will sell it’s self so I dont have to trow it away!.

  6. John M Hanna says: December 29, 20118:07 pm

    Is that ‘The Electric Company’ playing on the TV?

  7. Charlene says: December 30, 201111:45 am

    @Hip2b2: did you ever switch the TV on/off with a toy Slinky?

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