JET-STYLED model liner (Mar, 1957)

JET-STYLED model liner designed by German Dieter Jansen is powered by six miniature diesel engines. Ship can be radar guided and is said to travel 60 mph on calm water.

  1. Scott says: December 23, 200812:31 am

    Somebody please tell me why this was never built … because it looks wicked cool to me! (Although it looks more like something from 1937, not 1957.)

  2. aerohydro says: December 23, 200812:45 am

    This is very similar in concept to the craft that had been proposed some 25 years before:


  3. Scott says: December 23, 200811:01 am

    Now that I think about it, I’d bet the engine noise would make deck activities unbearable. I still maintain that it’s a cool LOOKING concept!

  4. Rick says: December 23, 20082:28 pm

    I’m wondering how it would perform in heavy seas. I don’t think those outboard engines would tolerate taking a dip as it rolls port to starboard in a blow. Of course it’s just a model but a full size craft like that would be pretty tricky to operate on the North Atlantic, I would guess.


  5. Eliyahu says: December 23, 20086:35 pm

    Does look cool, but I’m not sure how much enthusiasm they would get for a cruise ship where the passengers are stuck inside for the whole trip.

  6. jayessell says: December 24, 20082:00 pm

    Scott… It looks a lot like the S.S. Gigantic from the W.C. Fields/Bob Hope movie
    “The Big Broadcast of 1938”.

    (Dang… Still no postable photos!)

  7. Torgo says: December 24, 20088:39 pm

    It looks a lot like the SS Gigantic. But it doesn’t have “radio power.”

    The Soviets pursued a similar idea called Ground Effect Vehicles…

  8. Essjay says: December 26, 20087:50 pm

    Nothing says “jet-styled” like GIANT PROPELLERS! Though I shouldn’t complain, it is super-cool.

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