John Wayne Camel Ad (Jul, 1954)

Of course ten years later John Wayne was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have a lung removed.

John Wayne… a Camel fan goin’ on 24 years!

TALK TO Camel smokers like John Wayne, popular Hollywood star, and you’ll quickly see why Camels keep increasing their lead over the next brand! Clearly, nothing matches Camels’ blend of costly tobaccos for genuine mildness and specially-rich flavor! If you smoke for the pure pleasure of smoking, try Camels for 30 days. See what you’ve been missing!
Camels agree with more people than any other cigarette!

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  1. monte sonnenberg says: June 27, 20118:41 pm

    Just curious as an interested observer, but are these ads from the 1940s, 1950s considered public domain or does someone own the copyright to them? MS

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