join us for a true Bourbon (Mar, 1970)

join us for a true Bourbon

Hiram Walker’s Ten High

Come over soon. We have something good for you—the taste of Ten High, a true Bourbon of Hiram Walker character and quality. Sip it slow. Easy. Enjoyable. You’ll be doubly glad you joined us, when you think of Ten High’s welcome price!


  1. Hirudinea says: June 2, 20119:34 am

    Just what you need to wind down after your AA meeting.

  2. Tim says: June 2, 20111:39 pm

    I think the dude is a mannequin…

  3. Jari says: June 2, 20112:55 pm

    Those eyelashes gives me creeps…

  4. blast says: June 2, 20114:34 pm

    If straight bourbon makes your head bulge like that, I want no part of it.

    Oh, wait… maybe that bottle belongs to the artist. Yeah, that’s it.

  5. Mike says: June 2, 20114:52 pm

    I was thinking it was a wife swapping party, “come join us”

  6. John says: June 2, 20115:22 pm

    Mike » Yeah, that’s reading waaaaaaaaay too much into it.

  7. Charlene says: June 2, 20119:21 pm

    Party time, 1970: sun-damaged skin, scarves so tight they make your face bulge, spiky black eyelashes, and bourbon!

  8. DrewE says: June 3, 20117:28 am

    There’s nothing like having a little muskrat head in your drink to make me want to go over for a visit.

  9. Michael Leddy says: June 3, 20116:41 pm

    “You’ll be doubly glad you joined us, when you think of Ten High’s welcome price!”

    Not totally logical: you’ll be twice as happy knowing that the bourbon is cheap?

  10. John says: June 3, 20118:17 pm

    Michael Leddy » I find it irrational that you question the happiness derived from cheap bourbon.

    What makes you happier; wishing you had a bottle of $500 A.H. Hirsch Reserve or actually being able to drink out of your $10 bottle of Hiram Walker Ten High (now bottled by Barton)? By the way, bottles of Hiram Walker Ten High now go for upwards of $125 on eBay.

    I’d like to hear your reasoning behind the illogical ruling by you.

  11. Charlene says: June 6, 20119:39 pm

    I always love it when people whose argument contains a big honking logical fallacy call other people “illogical”. It’s much more entertaining than reality TV.

  12. Jerry says: June 9, 201111:56 pm

    The guy looks like a young George W. Bush.

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