Kansas Girl Genius Operates Television-Radio Station (Jun, 1936)

Yeah, well, she’s pretty smart, for a girl.

Kansas Girl Genius Operates Television-Radio Station
CONQUERING fields in which very few men have ventured eighteen-year-old Eleanor Thomas of Kansas City, Mo., is assistant engineer of Television station W9XBY. Finding the life on a college campus too prosaic Miss Thomas, a mathematical genius for a girl, decided to leave and enter an engineering school.

Throughout the course the young woman excelled in her studies and upon her graduation she was appointed to the position she now holds. She is the youngest member of her sex ever to pass the difficult examinations for a first class operator’s license from the Federal Communications Commission.

  1. digital retrograde says: June 22, 20066:54 pm

    I Want My Talk Radio…

    How can this ad NOT sell radios? Lightly disembodied, completely stereotyped arabs bemoaning the fact the nerd with the Echophone is getting an eyeball bath from all the ladies. Ladies with hot, questionable taste in bikini tops. He’s also……

  2. jilly says: July 15, 20069:46 pm

    wow. those are awesome shoes.

    (ham radio operator)

  3. quadibloc says: January 15, 20132:11 am

    A Girl Genius broadcasting to super-heterodyne receivers. But her name is Eleanor, not Agatha.

  4. quadibloc says: January 15, 20138:49 am

    By the way, the comment by digital retrogade seems to be referring to this page:


    Or maybe this one:


    …they seem to be duplicates.

  5. […] years ago, this month’s issue of Modern Mechanix, June 1936, featured eighteen-year-old Eleanor Thomas, the assistant engineer of stations W9XBY […]

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