Kiddies Taught Traffic Laws (Feb, 1938)

Kiddies Taught Traffic Laws
A MINIATURE roadway complete with signs, stop-and-go lights, crossings and safety zones is being used to teach pedestrian and auto traffic regulations to school children in Brentwood, England. The lessons are made interesting for the tots by letting them drive miniature autos over the “highway,” impersonate policemen, etc.

  1. galessa says: December 21, 200611:21 am

    hello fella:
    I found this blog today and I am very pleased. I just want to thank you for sharing this wonderful collection of yours. I was looking for images for a paper I am writting on Streamlined design and you surely helped me a lot. but… who are you? what are your interests? what led you to this vintage pseudo-science pop universe? I could find no profile, no about…
    by the way, I live in Brazil and have strong bonds to all this vintage imagery and design. you can see some pictures of my personal collection of vintage plastics design from XIXth century on here:
    thanks for just been there.

  2. galessa says: December 22, 20064:49 am

    hi charlie and jinx:
    after leaving the post I spent the whole hot like hell day browsing the files and I am astonished with the amount and quality of the work you two do. not only posting HR scans of so many interesting articles but typing the whole text!(is it OCR?) I wish I had such a capacity… not to mention programming skills.
    It is a great generousity of you both to share this wonderful material I would never have access to.
    I am a designer getting my masters degree doing a “plastics history” research and planning to go to US for a doctorate in the material culture field. tecnology history is specially appealling to me.
    hope you guys just keep on doing your beautyful work in beautyfiyng this beautyful world that is alredy so pretty.
    you will see me around from now on.
    galessa (gerson lessa)

  3. galessa says: December 24, 20065:46 am

    thank you so much. I have already found great stuff here and I am still looking. I’ve found even plastics related articles. but really scary was the note on global warmming in 1932! it sounds like doctor evil is live and kicking…
    I had alresdy a pic of this english streamlined bike in my paper but this one shown here is much better.
    thanks again!
    [email protected]

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