Kitchen Utensils Make Professional Photo Enlarger (May, 1936)

Kitchen Utensils Make Professional Photo Enlarger

THIS practical and very novel photo en-larger was constructed from readily obtainable parts yet has the appearance and does the work of a professional type instrument.

The base is made of wood, 15″x13″xl5″. The focusing shaft is mounted along one of the long sides using a pulley to support it. The 1/2″ shafting is bent from a 2 foot length into the shape shown.

The lamp housing consists of two aluminum mixing bowls about 7 inches in diameter, aluminum cup about 3 inches wide and the same depth and a porcelain ring socket. Cut a 3-1/2-inch hole in one bowl and a 2-3/4-inch hole in the cup. Mount these together using machine screws. This unit contains the lamp socket and bulb. Next, cut a 3-1/2-inch hole in the other bowl and around hole attach a 1-inch strip of tin, painted black. This ring is attached with small tin angles. Cut a piece of opal glass for a light diffuser and insert over hole. Screw a 60-watt bulb in socket and attach bowls together with bolts.

Make the holder for the lens from a 1-1/2-inch black iron pipe nipple, 1-1/2 inches long and provided with two lock nuts and attach to a cup similar to the one used in making the lamp housing. Cut cup down to about the size shown and fasten to the negative holder, in the 3-inch opening, with small brads. The negative holder is a simple wooden frame and slide made as shown. Use your regular camera lens by attaching to nipple with metal plate. A pair of laboratory ring stands are used to adjust the focus of the enlarger.

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