Largest Catfish on Record, 80 Pounds, Caught in Indiana (Apr, 1934)

Largest Catfish on Record, 80 Pounds, Caught in Indiana

SHADES of Mark Twain! Strange sights are sometimes seen along the banks of the famed Wabash River, and without doubt this monstrous catfish is the king of all.

It is the largest catfish (sometimes called bullhead) ever recorded in piscatorial history. It weighs 80 lbs. and was caught by Marcus Moyer, of Indianapolis, Ind., whose wife is shown in the picture at the right endeavoring to support a portion of the weight of the huge fish.

It is nearly five feet long, and possessed the well known whiskers which give the catfish its name. If it is true, as Mark Twain avers in some of his writings, that a catfish will meow when hauled dripping from the brackish waters of a river, this huge finny fellow must have silenced all back fence competition for miles around. His mouth is nearly fifteen inches across!

  1. Nick Moffitt says: June 30, 20086:05 am

    Forced perspective, anyone?

  2. Bob says: June 30, 20088:04 pm

    Would almost make bait for this one
    646 pounds.

  3. Leonard Davis says: November 30, 20086:32 am

    This is big. But I have personally seen bigger.90 pounds not much bigger but bigger. My father tells tails of a catfish big as his fathers boat. (18ft John Boat) That actually pushed the boat out of the way.( was the 60’s) so who knows?

  4. Leonard Davis says: November 30, 20086:33 am

    ps Tailand is not Indiana

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