Latest in Mechanical Household Conveniences (Mar, 1933)

Personally, I love the catsup atomizer. My only concern is that catsup is just a tad more viscous than perfume, but nah, that won’t be a problem. The hand powered hand slicer looks like a ball as well.

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Latest in Mechanical Household Conveniences

Reproducing the patting motions of famous Hollywood masseurs, this new vibrator keeps milady’s complexion smooth and clear. It also has many attachments for treatment of scalp and hair, and a buffer for polishing the teeth and massaging the gums which has been scientifically designed by a leading dental authority. A modulator on the motor scientifically adjusts the intensity of the vibrations for the individual complexion.

Catsup is easy to manipulate with this new sanitary dispenser. The cap, which fits over the top of the catsup bottle, is equipped with an exhaust pipe and a bulb. When you want catsup on your eats you simply point the exhaust pipe in the general direction of the grub and squeeze the bulb, whereupon a stream of the condiment shoots forth. This method eliminates the necessity of giving the bottle a severe shaking when the juice is desired.

This stopper attaches to the sink drain and cannot be removed. Pulling up on the ring holding the stopper exposes a rigid screen which catches all refuse such as hair, lint, etc. When water has drained the stopper snaps back in place.

When poached eggs come out of this pan they fit squarely on the toast. One to four eggs can be poached in four minutes, starting with cold water. Since the eggs do not come in direct contact with the water the flavor is greatly improved. The aluminum pan may also be used as a frying pan or cake tin. Eggs fit in removable compartments.

A clean-cut job of opening soft boiled eggs, peeling hard boiled eggs and separating raw eggs is performed by this new handy kitchen device. Pressure on the thumbpiece operates a set of claws which cuts offs shell.

A few simple squeezes on the bulb of this pipe washer cleans your pipe of dust, rancid oil, and that biting juice. A cleaning powder is dropped into the glass of water previous to cleaning the pipe.

Attractive humidor now on the market preserves fine flavor of tobacco and automatically _ fills your pipe when it is placed in position shown. The device is operated by hand from the top and consists of a plunger which automatically tamps the tobacco into pipe bowl.

This new hand-power vegetable slicer turns out a wide variety of prepared vegetables such as shoestring potatoes, French fries, Saratoga chips, vegetable soup stocks, etc. Equipped with adjustable slicing units.

A minimum of inconvenience and messiness is involved in cleaning and blackening shoes with this new polish bottle which is equipped with a pad that gets saturated with polish when you tip up the bottle for a blackening job. A metal cap fits over the pad when the polish is out of use and prevents evaporation of the liquid.

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