Lawn Mower Has Small Removable Blades Permitting Easy Sharpening (May, 1932)

Lawn Mower Has Small Removable Blades Permitting Easy Sharpening

THE old style cutting blade of the lawn mower has gone by the board and manufacturers have come out with a new type of clipper which promises to level off the grass with a greater degree of ease.

These new blades, arranged as shown in the accompanying photo, are ranged in an uneven line and extend out from collars on the center shaft. In case a blade becomes dulled it can easily be removed, so that sharpening is made much easier. What makes the blades most serviceable, however, is the fact that they refuse to jam easily.

  1. Charlene says: October 5, 201310:34 am

    How exactly is that easier than sharpening one blade?

  2. Bill Thompson says: October 5, 20137:33 pm

    The long, S-shaped blades of reel mowers are a beast to sharpen without a specialized sharpener. The curve prevents sharpening on a regular whetstone, the angle of attack is constantly changing, and there’s no good way to hold them. Those short, straight, removable blades could be sharpened on the same whetstone you’d use on your pocketknife. Just set yourself on your porch with a tall pitcher of lemonade, kick your boots up on the railing, and sharpen away. It’s a great idea — I wish they made them today.

  3. Toronto says: October 6, 20137:46 am

    Here’s a good place to start when it comes to sharpening reel mowers:…

    That said, cheaper older types don’t lend themselves to these kits, as they’re not adjustable enough. Good quality reel mowers cost more than a decent electric, too.

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