LEARN Commercial DEEP SEA DIVING (Aug, 1950)


High paying and fascinating profession. 20 week course. World famous school. Latest equipment. Specialized training in all underwater work. Approved for Veterans. Write for FREE Booklet.

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  1. Firebrand38 says: October 10, 200710:05 am

    No longer there but was very famous in its day:
    “The Sparling’s School of Diving in Wilmington, California was the first civilian dive school in the United States to teach diving. Started by Joe Sparling in 1944/45 the school had a rocky beginning. After obtaining approval to train divers under the new GI Bill however, many young ex-servicemen returning from WWII, began training as divers and under-water welders.

    The School was bought by E.R. Cross in 1947. The name was changed to Sparling School of Deep Sea Diving and was moved to 1148 N. Wilmington Blvd. Over 1500 divers were trained during the seven years the school was in operation at that address. The school was closed in 1954, but Mr. Cross continued to operate a divers supply store at the same location until 1956.”

    Quoted from Mr. Cross’ obituary at http://www.calclassic.o…

  2. Bosco McGillicuddy says: October 31, 20073:35 am


    Thanks Firebrand. I love history like that. I has already checked out its location on Google Earth before I read your entry. I doubt if it’s still the same building but it was fun to see there still is an 1148 Wilmington Blvd.

  3. robert paterniti says: August 15, 20084:01 pm

    how can i take my son for tour of the school. he is interested in diving for as a carrer.

  4. Bob Plunkett says: September 21, 20104:31 am

    My cousin was a deep sea diver for the Navy and helped raise the ships that were sunk Dec. 7, 1941. He would come home on leave and tell us about what he was doing at Pearl Harbor, it was very fascinating to me. That was the beginning of my interest in deep sea diving. Later I read John D. Craig’s book, “Danger is my business” and loved it I was a senior in high school when I read that book. Later in 1946 I got information from somewhere, don’t know where, but it was about Sparling’s School of Deep Sea Diving. I never followed up on trying to go to school there, but another thing I remember is when I was in the second grade at Norwalk Grammar school our class made a trip to Wilminton and we saw a deep sea diving suit and helmet. To me it was very interesting. So, tonight for the first time in all this years I was able to remember the name of that school and found this web page. Thank you very much.

  5. Ken Cowan says: October 20, 201112:42 pm

    I went to the Sparling School Of Deep Sea Diving in the winter of 1948-49. Myself and two friends drove to Wilmington, Ca. driving my 1940 Chevy with my friends Harley hooked to my trailer hitch. I was on the GI bill because I was in the Navy in 44-45-46. We had a great trip from Topeka, Ks. where we lived. Would be good to hear from anyone that attended the School. KEN COWAN 785-221.3463 TOPEKA,KS.

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