Leather is going places (Jul, 1954)

American Cyanamid feels like it should the big evil corporation in Portal or Resident Evil.

Leather is going places

It’s vacation time… and everybody’s on the go. Naturally, leather goes along too. For leather is a wonderful traveling companion; there’s nothing finer for luggage, golf bags, hand bags, jackets and a host of other articles that must look well and wear well.

There are other reasons, too, why leather is “going places” as a popular modern material. It has unique natural advantages. It is strong and firm, yet flexible and adaptable. In shoes and apparel its fibrous structure assures comfort—regardless of the season. Through the use of special chemicals, the tanner controls these natural advantages to meet many specific needs. He can make leather soft, supple, elastic… add to its toughness or scuff resistance… give it glossy sheen or suede richness. In fact, through chemistry the tanner is making sure that leather is the ideal material for an increasing variety of uses, both new and old!

American Cyanamid works hand in hand with tanners throughout the leather industry . . . developing and producing chemicals that help to impart new quality and beauty to this important material—and make its production more efficient.


  1. Jari says: July 15, 201110:24 am

    Charlie: Their logo is also quite appropriate for big, evil corporation.

  2. John says: July 15, 201110:30 am

    Actually my Dad worked for American Cyanamid at Lederle Laboratories and there was nothing evil about it.

    As a matter of interest the original brand name of glowsticks was “Cyalumes” having been invented by two Cyanamid chemists.

    They also made Centrum vitamins, Old Spice cologne and Pine-Sol cleaner.

  3. Charlene says: July 15, 201111:14 am

    There is no way he’s going to get all that luggage into that trunk.

    He might be able to fit some of it in his pants…

  4. Hirudinea says: July 15, 201112:38 pm

    Nah Charlene, he’s just going to strap the kid to the roof.

  5. Michael C says: July 17, 20116:21 am

    I find it interesting that a company that does not supply the general public would adv. its services in this manner. Trying to sell stock or bonds maybe?

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