Leston Special (Apr, 1950)

Leston Special

If this auto looks more like an airplane than a car, it’s because owner L. Leston is a London dealer in aircraft spare parts. What started him designing this model was an extra set of curved plastic panels from the cockpit of an old reconnaissance machine. The Special is built on the chassis of a pre-war 20-hp Jaguar roadster and stands only three feet three inches high. Further aircraft influence can be found in the body frame built from light steel members of channel and T-section and then covered with aluminum. Not removable roof panel, left, and plastic windows, right.

  1. Stannous says: April 16, 20079:04 pm

    More cool stuff about Les Leston:

  2. […] in the old magazines, quite simply, looked like barf. Including that corrugated sheetmetal one. The Leston Special bucked the trend for ever so briefly. I really hope it’s survived the last 57 […]

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