let’s see…There are eyes, and eyes! (Sep, 1951)

Well, there are certainly eyes that grope the world…

let’s see…

There are eyes, and eyes!

There are eyes that grope in a world of blurs and double images… neglected eyes, straining to see, plaguing their owners with untold misery. Then there are eyes that really see! Eyes, so bright, so clear, they add a plus value to everything in life. They are a precision tool on the production line, speeding the job, guarding against accidents. They give skill at games, they take the strain out of reading, sewing, movies, television. They add to well-being by banishing nervous tension … they give beauty by abolishing ugly wrinkles. All eyes are on the job every minute of every waking hour… and all eyes weaken and change as years go by.

But the eyes that really see, are the eyes that are regularly protected and corrected by the expert care and service of conscientious ophthalmologists, optometrists, and ophthalmic dispensers (opticians), who through the miracle-working wonders of modern, visual science, enable us all to put our best eyes forward.

Better Vision Institute, Inc., 630 Fifth Avenue, New York 20, N. Y.


Nothing you buy gives you so much, yet costs you so little Science says, millions of different eyeglass-lens corrections are possible. Actually, many thousands are made, using over one hundred different kinds of glass. But only one combination of correction and glass, is just right for the needs of your individual eyes!

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