License Plates, now with more Skulls! (Mar, 1939)

I want a skull on my license plate! I also love the girls expression.

Special License Plates Tag Careless Drivers

Special license plates for traffic violators are being considered as a safety measure by Cliff Davis, commissioner of public safety in Memphis, Tenn. If the measure is adopted motorists who persistently break traffic laws will be required to run in their regular licence plates for special tags, similar to that shown in the photograph above, bearing a skull and the words “traffic-law violator.”

  1. meghan says: December 13, 20051:54 am

    She is sad because she was caught being a crappy driver and now she needs a SKULL on her plate – I bet she’d prefer some prissy princess or something.

  2. RFID in Japan says: January 11, 200611:39 pm

    Special License Plates Tag Careless Drivers (1939)

    Speaking of smart license plates, here’s…

  3. Michael McDonald says: November 14, 20089:50 pm

    I think everyone would have these on their cars now if they were available. I would drive like crap just to get one 🙂

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