Light Beams Guide Blind Thru Building Without Escort (Jul, 1934)

Light Beams Guide Blind Thru Building Without Escort

BEAMS of light now guide the sightless through building corridors and up and down stairways. The subject is equipped with a portable photronic cell unit which sounds a buzzer as long as the operator travels along the light beam. The buzzing ceases when the course is changed.

At points where two or more light beams intersect various combinations of sanded strips are glued to the floor to indicate locations of doors, stairways or corners.

  1. JM says: September 18, 20089:03 am

    So, if the subject come across somebody holding a flashlight, he’s going to follow him till the end of days… :S

  2. Erica says: September 18, 200812:04 pm

    Seems like constant buzzing would infuriate everybody around, including the person being guided. Very interesting concept, though!

  3. katey says: September 18, 20087:51 pm

    This should be filed under ‘impractical’ as for it to be useful the building has to be fitted with the light beams and corner/stair indicating strips. Probably was only used in some “Colleges for the Blind” but even then, surely the students quickly became familiar with the building’s layout.

  4. Charlene says: September 21, 20087:27 am

    A cane would actually be easier to use!

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