“Limousine” Sled for Small Children (Apr, 1924)

“Limousine” Sled for Small Children
Small children greatly appreciate the “limousine” sled shown in the photo, as it gives them the thrill of riding in their
own sled, yet keeps them much warmer than an open one. The frame is made of smooth 1 by 2-in. wood, securely attached to the sled. The lower part of the frame, the floor of the sled, and the top are covered with heavy canvas, and panes of glass or heavy celluloid are fitted in the upper half of the frame as shown. The back serves as a door, being hinged on so that it can be opened or closed, and a screen-door hook provided to keep it closed. The door is made of 1-in. wood, covered on the outside with canvas to match the rest of the body.—Eugene Holland, Detroit, Mich.

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