Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad (Jan, 1933)

I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad

A NEW and unique fad making rapid strides among the movie folk of Hollywood is not to rouge the lips but have them permanently made up by the tattoo artist, as demonstrated in photo below. All shades of the more popular lip sticks are available and may be worked on in a short time at little inconvenience.

  1. Mike says: August 1, 20084:51 am

    I like the smile, I would think that would hurt.

  2. JM says: August 1, 20087:32 am

    Probably that hurts a lot, but you know how these women of those years always smile at the photograph?… like good models they were……. not like the skinnys ones we have today.

  3. Casandro says: August 1, 20087:34 am

    Well I think such things are still availiable. Essentially they tatoo some colour onto your lips. It looks like you have lipstick on constantly.

  4. Erica says: August 1, 20088:01 am

    “may be worked on in a short time at little inconvenience” — wouldn’t your lips be a bit puffy and swollen for a day or so after being tattooed?

    (Oh yes, and also OW OW OW OW OW!!!)

  5. Charlene says: August 1, 20084:56 pm

    This is hilarious. Did they think fashionable lipstick colours didn’t change over time?

  6. Torgo says: August 3, 20085:36 pm

    Such things are still done — around the eyes too!

  7. Anne says: August 8, 200811:20 pm

    I’ve seen ads for this sort of thing before, in modern papers. I didn’t realize it was so old…

    Can you imagine someone with 80’s style makeup tattooed to their face? Scary.

  8. Kate says: August 6, 20098:08 am

    Certainly these tattoo services are still available and the beauty of it is that they are greatly perfected and they come with anesthetic. I have had my lips tattooed for 12 years and I have a nice light color all the time, but I can add anything I wish as far as lipstick whenever I want. In fact, it makes the lipstick last a lot longer because there is color underneath to support it as it wears off. Most times I just use a lip balm with an SPF and it looks great!

  9. gillian says: October 2, 20103:29 pm

    Got to agree with you kate, I had my lips carried out by a lady called Heidi Worman, she is in the UK, its really neat and one of the best things I have done. It really depends on who you go to, mine are perfect but she is the best (IMO)

    I just add a colour over the top as well if I need, but really good all day and every day.


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