LOSE BAD BREATH – Keep Your Friends (Dec, 1937)

LOSE BAD BREATH – Keep Your Friends

In spite of all that has been written about bad breath, thousands still lose friends through this unpleasant fault. Yet sour stomach with its resultant bad breath is frequently only the result of constipation. Just as loss of appetite, early weakness, nervousness, mental dullness, can all be caused by it.

So keep regular. And if you need to assist Nature, use Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets. This mild laxative brings relief, yet is always gentle. Extremely important, too, is the mild stimulation it gives the flow of bile from the liver, without the discomfort of drastic, irritating drugs. That’s why millions use Olive Tablets yearly. At your druggists, 15c, 30c, 60c.

  1. Casandro says: January 19, 20086:24 am

    But what if my friends like me because of my bad breath?

  2. Stannous says: January 19, 20089:48 am

    Still for sale:

    But this is what you want to know:
    ‘Olive refers to the color of the tablets.’

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