Luminous Skeleton For HALLOWEEN (Nov, 1941)

Luminous Skeleton For HALLOWEEN

by Ken Murray

Got any friends you want to lose? Just invite them over to your Halloween party and give ’em the works with this glowing graveyard horror. Right: Gluing parts of the figure carefully to thin plywood.

AN ANIMATED skeleton – that glows brightly in the dark can be used for all kinds of harmless but amusing Halloween pranks. The skeleton is jointed so that a slight shake will cause the arms and legs to swing about in a realistic manner. The figure may be gripped at the neck from behind, or you can attach a screweye and suspend it at the end of a long pole that has been painted black. Black threads can be attached to the arms and legs, if desired, to operate them from a distance as you would marionette figures.

A skeleton that is already printed on heavy paper, as well as small bottles of luminous paint, can be purchased inexpensively at most any novelty or 5 & 10c store. Disjoint the figure into nine pieces and attach them with glue to 1/4″ plywood or composition board, then cut them out on the scroll or band saw. To rejoint the skeleton use tubular rivets with small washers, taking care that they fit loosely. At least two coats of luminous paint should be applied; three coats are not too many and will assure greater brightness. Blacken the edges of the figure with black stove polish or similar material and it is ready for use. It should be subjected to a bright light before exhibition and will glow for hours thereafter. The effect of this skeleton, shining out of the dark, is really startling and it should not be tried out on persons with weak hearts.

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  1. Hirudinea says: October 3, 20124:18 pm

    If you drink the luminous paint (which in ’41 I’m sure contained radium) you could just make your own skeleton glow and cut out the middle man.

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