Magic Remote Control For TV. Radio or Appliance! (Jun, 1960)

Magic Remote Control For TV. Radio or Appliance!

Control your TV, radio or phonograph with this attractive 2-1/2″ dice cube, without getting up from your easy chair or bed. Just tip the “Tip Switch” and your set goes on or off like magic. Also controls lights, fans, heaters, bedlamps and other appliances. Works automatically at any distance . . . even between rooms . . . limited only by the length of the electric cords. Completely safe; just place “Tip Switch” on a convenient table, night stand or phone stand and plug it in. Complete with 8 ft. cord.

3.95 ppd.

(Extra long 20 ft. cord $1 extra.)

Remington House
11 Tauxemont Road Alexandria, Virginia

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  1. TimE says: April 27, 20112:43 pm

    To paraphrase: “Works as far away as the cord will stretch!” Can’t that be said of just about anything?

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