Magic (Aug, 1930)


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  1. Travis Crabtree says: May 19, 20103:24 pm

    Finally!! The genesis of Evil Super Villainy revealed!!!!

  2. Firebrand38 says: May 19, 20103:38 pm

    The Tarbell Course in Magic is still available http://magicshop.magict…

    He was actually quite famous in magic circles as well http://www.conjuringlig…

    But hey, thanks for your contribution Travis, it was so helpful.

  3. StanFlouride says: May 19, 20105:43 pm

    Didn’t he just wash up on the Florida Keys?…

    Oh. Never mind.

  4. Firebrand38 says: May 19, 20106:27 pm

    StanFlouride: Cue Applause

  5. George says: May 20, 20106:05 am

    Obligatory comment, “What happened to his head?!”

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