Make the Most of Your Coffee Ration (Feb, 1943)

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There’s Extra Cafe in that one Cup a Day

YOU’LL have to learn to be satisfied with a demi-tasse for the duration, unless you take advantage of every means to economize on coffee. Here are some tried and tested ways of getting the most out of that one pound each five weeks. Follow these valuable suggestions and you’ll get more coffee per pound than you ever brewed before, and it will be wholesome, good tasting coffee too. Better try these hints on the first pound.

Use the drip, percolate, or Silex methods when you make your coffee. Don’t boil It. That spoils flavor, wastes coffee.

Cafe au lait—half coffee and half hot milk. French way to save coffee. It’s pretty to look at, tastes OK.

“Draw one—” the lunch counter Java signal slows down. Tough on coffee drinkers.

Coffee does not taste better if you don’t wash the pot, despite old fashioned ideas. Keep the pot clean.

One pound makes 32 to 35 cups. One cup hot water to grounds from 2 cups makes another. Get extra 10 this way.

The lady has will power. One cup a day, so she drinks 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 at night.

A newcomer to the icebox. Keep your coffee cool and the flavor and quality will last longer. Remember each pound will be around for a long time now.

No more heaping tablespoons. Measure accurately now. A cup made with one tablespoonful, served immediately, is better than a 2-spoon one served later.

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