Making a Telephone Talk Through Loudspeaker (May, 1929)

Making a Telephone Talk Through Loudspeaker

“WILL you speak a little louder please?” That request is unnecessary for users of a new telephone loudspeaker invented by H.O. Rugh, of Chicago, Ill. The installation consists of a horn loudspeaker operating from the telephone receiver through an audio amplifier similar to amplifiers used in radio. The latter is supplied with current from the house lighting circuit and is contained in a small cabinet upon which the telephone instrument rests.

The turn of a knob is said to lift the telephone receiver automatically so the voice of the person at the other end of the wire can be heard through the speaker. When the telephone is not in use, the speaker can be used with a small radio receiver especially designed for the purpose and connected with the amplifier. It is tuned with a dial like any other radio set.

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