Marble Chessmen (Aug, 1951)

Marble Chessmen

After two thousand years modern design is applied to the old game of chess.

CHESS, going back into ancient history, got its present name from the Persian word, Shah, meaning King.

Its origin has been ascribed to the Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Scythians, Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Hindus, Arabians, Irish, Welsh and the Castilians, and it is mentioned in history as far back as 200 B.C.

This newest innovation has the pawn, the lowest chessman, with one marble *and the king with the largest amount.

The basic materials for this set are 86 marbles, plus plate glass, illustration board, and a piece of felt. You will also need 36 plastic or wooden checkers.

To make the chessboard, mark off a 3/8-in. margin all the way around and then draw horizontal and vertical lines at 2-in. intervals. Fill in the odd squares with black or some contrasting color. The glass, felt and board are taped together. When the adhesive holding the chessmen dries you’re ready to play.—Ingram Blanding •

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